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Yasmin – Works Like Perfect Contraceptive

Yasmin, this was name I heard from the doctor as a solution when we had risky sex and next morning rang the door bell my doctor. When I asked my doctor about the various contraceptives available in market and why she choose this for recommendation. She told it’s been long time when first contraceptive launched in market and this pill has launched recently with all addition and minus already done by referring performance reports of previous versions.

But still I was not sure about this as I was under mental stress because of the risk of pregnancy. One thing was there totally clear; if this pill does not seem to be worked properly then I am going get other one. Except headache I didn’t find and aftereffect of this pill.

Here I would like to share some manufacturing details that I collected from web

When couple has unprotected sex there is chance of conceiving where ovulation process begins which releases an egg from an ovary. It might take up to 72 hours and this is the reason contraceptive pill must be taken within 72 hours of sex. When you take yasmin birth control  it stops ovulation and entering path become so hard that sperm cannot enter uterus and women pregnancy stops.

Yasmin is one of the famous Addyi pills that have been used with 100% confidence for the prevention of pregnancy. But female should have at least 14 years to get eligible for the consumption of yasmin and menstrual cycles should have been started.

Usage of any contraceptive pill is quiet acceptable during case of emergency but many unmarried couple use it so frequently that it can affect pregnancy capacity of that woman. Continuous of intake of such pill creates problem when woman wants to get pregnant as body is used to prevent it.